Thursday, March 11, 2010


So the last 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy. Last Monday, Daniel was complaining of a stomach ache. It turned out that his appendix exploded and he had surgery Wednesday night and was in the hospital until Tuesday. He is doing better now but it was definitely the worst week of our lives.

I don't have a recipe to share today but I wanted to thank our family (families?) for their LOVE and SUPPORT. Thanks Ma and Daddy, Mana, Tina & Tim, Mom and Dad, Chris & Erica, Ryan & Abby, Brad & Alysia, Jason & Jessica, Mike & Amber, Aunt Jen, Matt and Jon...and anyone else I am forgetting. Thanks for the calls, the cards, the visiting, the meals, the cleaning (that's right, they even CLEANED the house one day!!!!) and everything else. WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO CARE ABOUT US!!!!