Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fight Night

Tonight is fight night and I am so PUMPED!! We are going to a big party and I wanted to make a fun snack that wasn't the normal chicken wings or nachos so I am making Coconut Dream Bars (from Martha of course!). Grocery day is tomorrow and the cupboards are pretty bare so I had to make A LOT of substitutions. TECHNICALLY I don't even know if this still qualifies as a Martha recipe. I think if you stick to the base, you can add or take out whatever you want...the possibilities are ENDLESS!!


(I didn't put any measurements in because you can use as much or as little of everything/anything you want, Martha would NEVER do this)


Graham cracker crumbs

Butter, melted

Dash of salt

Mix all ingredients together and press into a 9x13 or 9x9 baking pan depending on how much you want to make. I didn't actually have enough of everything so I made a small batch. I didn't have graham cracker crumbs either so I used oreo cookie crumbs.


Shredded coconut

Chocolate chips

One can of condensed milk (more if you are making a large batch)

Sprinkle coconut over the crust and then sprinkle chocolate chips (I didn't have these so I used peanut butter chips). Pour the condensed milk over everything and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until the edges are golden but the milk does not bubble over. They come out gooey and coconuty and are so good. Next time I might make these a bit healthier...throw some oats in the crust and add some dried fruit and nuts to the topping.

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