Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Birthday Dreams

This morning as I looked out the window I was thinking (I'm on mat leave now, so I have time to think in the morning). If the baby comes early - oh, I guess I should explain myself, I am 36 weeks, due March 26 (still a month to go) BUT one night this week I did have contractions for a few hours (I am now under strict orders by my mom(s) and everyone else I know to chill out and not do much), so like I said, I was thinking...
If baby comes soon there will most likely be snow on their birthday every year. This will be fun for a bit, go skating, tobogganing, make snowmen, whatever they are into (and fits the theme!).
BUT...a BEACH PARTY would be great!!! The kids could wear fun beach clothes, we could go swimming somewhere, make sand castles (a sand box in the house works, right?)


Coconut Cupcakes of course!!!!
I know I talk about Martha a lot, but shes just so great and these cupcakes are amazing...I even had a dream about them once (not even lying)


  1. i had a dream about cupcakes twice last week...what does this say about our priorities rach?

  2. rach awesome blog! where is the recipe for the cupcakes.. teehee!!

  3. thanks danielle,
    click on the word coconut and it will take you to the recipe...TRY IT! THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!