Friday, October 1, 2010

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

(Obviously I'm not so good when it comes to clever titles)

My sister found a recipe for cookie dough cupcakes and BEGGED me to make them for her. Since I will take ANY excuse to bake I happily agreed.

The recipe had many parts to it (cookie, frosting, cupcake, cookie dough) and I did it over 2 days but IMO in the end it was worth it. Mana said they are all she wants for Christmas!!
The only thing I found weird was adding flour to the frosting. I'm not sure if it was to cut the sugar or give it body or what but it def threw me off when I was eating it.

I will make these for Mana again but not for me. I would much rather have a Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bar

Full recipe here

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cookie Dough Cheesecake bars

I was getting together with the girls and wanted to make a fun treat (sometimes I need an excuse to bake so I dont eat a whole tray of cookies on my own!!). I stumbled upon this recipe from Jen at beantown baker. She is awesome. I think I shoud have made her entire blog my summer baking list. I want to make everything she posts!! She even takes great pictures.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars was the first thing I have ever made from her and it will definitley not be the last!!

The cookie dough topping was my favourite part. It was like doughy cookie crumbs but cooked.

So good.

Too bad I forgot to take them to the girls...

Check out her blog for the recipe, you'll totally get addicted and find a ton of other fun things to make!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Martha Stewart Cupcake Club: Cookies & Cream

I don't even know where to start with these. They are just great. I make them all the time.

I made these the day Jack was born (I'm pretty sure I was in labour while they were in the oven). I also made a mini version of these once and instead of putting an Oreo on the bottom I made a crust and it looked like a nest with cream cheese goodness inside.

I wouldn't change anything in this recipe. I love it just the way it is.

Since I have made these a few times already, I thought I would try a different Oreo cupcake. I'm making these.

P.S. I realize I haven't posted in a while but we moved (AGAIN). And now that we are settled and I have my mixer and big red back, I am ready to rock!! And once I find my camera cord I'll share what I've been doing lately.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am so excited for my new cake tip. It's a Wiltons 1M - I know, I know, how can I claim to love making and decorating cupcakes and not even have the proper icing tips?! I'm a horrible person.
I made Plain Jane Lets Loose Cupcakes from my SBL so I had something fun to decorate. I added them mostly because of the chocolate liqueur. I'm kind of lame and I've never actually used liqueur in anything I've made before - EVER. I always skip it in a recipe, no real reason really. I've just never used it.
I decided to be a big girl and finally try it. I put it in half of the icing and I didn't like it. Actually, I didn't really like the cupcakes in general. They turned out kind of dense and not fluffy at all.

Whatev, at least they look good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eat My Words - and Brownies

Okay I take it back.

I like brownies.

I wanted to be a hero yesterday and bake like a crazy person while Jack was sleeping, and clearly he had other plans. I only had time for one thing: Cream Cheese Brownies
I had to modify the recipe a bit - mostly because i screwed up. In between baking and trying to settle Jack, I forgot all about adding the chocolate. I didn't realize it until I was ready to bake (at least I hadn't added the cream cheese yet - phew). I yelled 'OH NO!!' and made Jack laugh, who was now awake and watching me bake and dance (we have GLEE dance parties almost everyday). Anyway, I melted some chocolate and then just threw in more chocolate chips to the batter.

They tasted REALLY good.

Summer Baking List Update (What I still have to make):
-Pomegranate Cheesecake
-Lemon Layer Cake
-Plain Jane Lets Loose Cupcakes
-Strawberry Cream Cake
-Frozen Key Lime Pie
-White chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
-Pumpkin Swirl Brownies
I got rid of the bars because they used cake mix and what the heck is malted milk powder anyway???...EWW

Jack is sleeping now, I think I'll attempt to be a hero again

Sorry no pictures...random camera excuse


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Freezer to the Rescue

I remembered today why I never make Brownies.


Jack and I went to visit the family on our annual camping trip ( sleepover this year) so I decided to make something from my baking list. White Chocolate Brownies seemed like a good pick, I'm not really huge into chocolate, but I do enjoy white chocolate. I didn't have macadamia nuts so I used Oreo cookies instead.

The recipe was easy to follow, I did have some fear when I had to melt the chocolate and butter together - this usually takes 2 or 3 tries before I get it right and don't burn it. When they were done I thought they tasted like garbage and I didn't even offer them to anyone I just put them straight in the freezer (I don't know, it's like grapes, sometimes things just need to be frozen to be enjoyed properly).

FREEZER TO THE RESCUE! They tasted much better frozen and everyone loved the camping treat

Friday, July 23, 2010

Coconut + Blueberries + Cheesecake


The first recipe on my Summer Baking List is done and it is OH SO GOOD!

I wasn't sure how the coconut and blueberry combination would work but I don't know what I was so worried about, it was great. I wish I could share them with everyone!! The crust was crispy, the cheesecake was smooth and creamy, and the blueberries exploded with blueberry goodness when I bit into it.

I fell asleep after making these and dreamed about whipped cream and toasted coconut - not even lying!!


When I make these again I will leave out the coconut from the crust and add lemon to the cheesecake.

Original Recipe HERE

P.S. Neev commented on my last post and asked where my cake plate was from. I couldn't figure out how to reply with an email (is it even possible??), anyway, I got it at Home Sense